learn English

English is useful not only in school but also in society. Most of documents and blogs are written in English, if you want to get improvement in your technology, good English is needed. So, I have decided to relearn my English in the new year. My plan is as follows:

1 Recite the words

Words is the basis of English, the more words I can recite, the better will I do in speaking/listening and writing. I will recite about 50 words every day and review these has recited before.

2 Practice writing

Writing is aslo very important to let us communicate with other people, let others know what you want to express. So I want to write diary with coherent sentence. Writting diary will also help me remember the pleasure in our life. What’s more, writing must use new words I recited everyday as more as possible.

3 Reading

From reading I can get gigantic information form internet/books etc. I decide to download some English novels and read everday.

4 Listening

With a good listening ability can we catch other’s meaning and do interaction with them. Also can we watch English videos without subtitles which is so excited. Since I am intested in documentary films, download some BBC documentary films and watch everyday is a good idea.