January 1, 2016

Today is the first day of 2016, but the weather is not good, the API is greater than two hundred, so I stay at home play with my son and recite words in the same time.

My wisdom tooth ached yesterday after I eaten a crap and I can’t eat anything anymore, what a sad thing! I swear I will pull my wisdom tooth out as soon as possible.

Except the bad weather and ached wisdom tooth, I have a wellbeing life. My son is lovely and clever, my wife is wisdom and beautiful (in my eyes). Life in home seems to be harmony, but I am ambitious to get a better life for me as well as my son and my wife. Although the forthcoming road will not be smooth, I will do my best and don’t make concession to difficulties!

January 2, 2016

Today’s weather is worse than yesterday, but my son has a class to take part in, so we bring him to the kindergarten.

In the kindergarten, when he was playing a toy, a child wanted to play with him together. But he is timid in nature and just wanted to play the toy by himself and cried loudly. This made him in a bad mood and didn’t want to take the class any more.

At the last, we went home and play football happily. He has a talent in football and played very well. May be he will be a professional football player in further.

January 3, 2016

The haze weather continued. My son has another class today and he did very well. He did initiatively interaction with the teacher and had a god time.

Afternoon we go to IKEA together. There was a so huge amount of people even no standing room! The furniture in IKEA is beautiful, we will buy some when we pull up stakes to the new house. I hope we can move to our new house as soon as possible.