January 1, 2016

Today is the first day of 2016, but the weather is not good, the API is greater than two hundred, so I stay at home play with my son and recite words in the same time.

My wisdom tooth ached yesterday after I eaten a crap and I can’t eat anything anymore, what a sad thing! I swear I will pull my wisdom tooth out as soon as possible.

Except the bad weather and ached wisdom tooth, I have a wellbeing life. My son is lovely and clever, my wife is wisdom and beautiful (in my eyes). Life in home seems to be harmony, but I am ambitious to get a better life for me as well as my son and my wife. Although the forthcoming road will not be smooth, I will do my best and don’t make concession to difficulties!

January 2, 2016

Today’s weather is worse than yesterday, but my son has a class to take part in, so we bring him to the kindergarten.

In the kindergarten, when he was playing a toy, a child wanted to play with him together. But he is timid in nature and just wanted to play the toy by himself and cried loudly. This made him in a bad mood and didn’t want to take the class any more.

At the last, we went home and play football happily. He has a talent in football and played very well. May be he will be a professional football player in further.

January 3, 2016

The haze weather continued. My son has another class today and he did very well. He did initiatively interaction with the teacher and had a god time.

Afternoon we go to IKEA together. There was a so huge amount of people even no standing room! The furniture in IKEA is beautiful, so we will buy some when we pull up stakes to the new house. I hope we can move to our new house as soon as possible.

January 4, 2016

It’s a sunshine day and good weather makes people have a better mood.

Recently I have watched some documental videos on my Android phone. The format of most videos are rmvb or avi which are not supported by Android system, so I download some apps to watch them. But none of them can let me watch videos easily! They can’t play videos well nor remember the point I watched last time, then I have to seek for the point I watched last time. This really annoyed me.

For these reasons, let’s do it yourself. I have developed an app based on Vitamio sdk, but it still has some bugs and a bad ui. So I decided to develop it again, I hope that it can be done in time and give me a pleasure time.

January 5, 2016

It was such a sudden I hear of the message that my grandma past away this morning. She is 97 years old this year, almost live longest in my village. Although I have prepared for it, I still feel sad now. I will have no grandparent any more from now. Tomorrow I will go back to attend the funeral of her by the train.

When I was young, I often asked her to tell the stories of old years. These stories can’t be found from history books; nonetheless I was interested in them and they really gave me lots of fun.

I still remember the last time I see her in May. She couldn’t see things clearly and even not know me anymore, but she still remember my son and call his name.

Goodbye my grandma.

January 11, 2016

The last few days, I went to my hometown to see my grandma off. It was really a sad thing and made me cried times. It was so cold that I put on as many clothes as I could; nevertheless I still feel very cold. Birth and death are natural in human life, death is the destiny of everyone, but I really hope it will comes as later as it can to all my relatives and friends.

What’s more, our hometown faces demolition. Thanks for my grandma live in my old house in her last time, all houses of my neighbor have been tear down, left only my old house over there lonely. I climbed up to the roof and looked around, everything that can carry my childhood memories had gone. All I could see is a big mess that I could never recognize. I told myself, this was the last time I stand on the roof of my old house which would also be tear down in the near future.

I don’t want to see the death of my grandma and the demolition of my old house, but it is useless. The life seems to be a game; we must go forward and can’t turn around; we can’t catch people and things that depart from us. So what is the meaning of our life? Perhaps to let all the people I loved have a better and happy life. I will do my best to realize the values of my life.

January 12, 2016

It was so excited that my first PR to Rxjava has been merged. Although this PR only cleanup some test cases, it indeed inspired me greatly. Rxjava is used widely and can effect a large number of people even change the world!

I will continue to contribute codes to open source project in future. On one hand can improve myself, on the other hand can give back to the open source which is very meaningful.

January 17, 2016

It’s a sunshine but cold day with north wind. The north wind always comes with blue sky, without north wind the haze will comes back quickly, therefore no matter how cold it would be, I prefer north wind every day.

Recently I have been reading the source codes of RxJava. At first I had no idea about the architecture of the source codes and was bewildered. So I carry on reading and analyze some main classes. Later it’s more and more clearly for me and I found a place can be optimized. Next week I will optimize that place and submit a PR, I hope that it can be merged soon.

January 26, 2016

Last week is really an unusual week. On Friday and Saturday I felt the coldest weather in my life before, it is minus 16 degree centigrade! What’ more, the annual meetings of our parent company and our company were hold on the afternoon of Friday and the evening of Saturday separately.

On Friday afternoon, we go to a bar to take part in our parent company’s annual meeting. It was the first time I go to a bar and I was really shocked by the loud music. I felt that my heart was jumping with the music and going to jump out of my breast. My ears were also damaged by the loud voice and I have to put on earplugs. I never want to go to a bar again.

On Saturday evening, our company’s annual meeting was hold in a hotel which is very far from my home. It takes me nearly two hours to reach there! Bad luck still as always when draws a lottery of raffle. Some colleagues win the prize for triple times compares to me none. What a bad luck!

But on Sunday evening we had a pleasure time in kindergarten. My wife and I take our son to join the New Year activity of kindergarten. Firstly, the teacher taught us to dance. I was really clumsy and danced in a mess. I think I need more practice on dancing. Secondly, we played games. In the game, I carried my wife and my son on my back and run first. But they are really very heavy! Thirdly, we made dumplings tighter. I teach my son to rolling skin, my wife was in charge of making dumplings. Lastly, we had dinner in kindergarten. We ate sandwich and dumplings which are all delicious. Then we went home happily.